With over 30 years of experience, Flooring Solutions BR has been meeting the needs of our south Louisiana customers repeatedly. Baton Rouge is our home, building relationships one customer at a time is our long term goal. Referrals from existing customers have been the mainstay of our business as we grow with our city. Our service has helped us create lasting relationships that make us proud to serve you for a lifetime.

Flooring Solutions BR wants to help you make the right choice in flooring products. We will educate you step by step and assure that you are confident and happy with the flooring solution you make. Whether it be your home kitchen, outdoor patio, or business office, we have the right knowledge to equip you with the best flooring brands in Baton Rouge. Our experienced team is here to help and don’t worry about over spending for quality. Our prices are sure to beat the competition anywhere in south Louisiana.

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